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Out of the matrix

Digital self-determination in times of surveillance, control and censorship. As daily companions, smartphones in particular are a hub of personal communication, information and activities with a complete movement profile. According to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, not only self-determination over one's own data is under special protection, contrary to legal trends, but also free access to information. The young company Volla Systeme offers an answer to this growing discrepancy with its German-made Volla Phones and a partner network for digital self-determination. Read More…

This side of the metaverse

A smartphone for more time without a smartphone or: The first smart phone. It is time for de-digitalization, time to return to reality, personal communication and the real economy. In fact, digitalization has not made everyday life easier, but more complex. According to various studies, Germans spend more than a third of their day on their smartphones, with young people even spending more than 10 hours on average. A young German company is countering this with a completely new, intelligent operating concept for smartphones. With its smartphones, Volla Systeme offers an unorthodox alternative to the app paradigm of the market leaders. "Think different" used to be apps decades ago. Today, it is a German company that thinks differently.
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Blinded reality

Genuine longevity and environmental protection instead of a sustainability marketing bubble. There is hardly a product that is not somehow organic or at least promises sustainability. Let's call a spade a spade and leave aside the marketing bubble of sustainability that is used to polish up products: It's all about longevity and environmental protection. Read More…

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