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Blinded reality

Genuine longevity and environmental protection instead of a sustainability marketing bubble. There is hardly a product that is not somehow organic or at least promises sustainability. Let's call a spade a spade and leave aside the marketing bubble of sustainability that is used to polish up products: It's all about longevity and environmental protection.


The longer a smartphone can be used, the less energy and raw materials are consumed. A replaceable battery is often mentioned. A gift. High-quality manufacturing. Good. But what good is high-quality hardware if the operating system is no longer updated after two years, as is the case with most smartphones running stock Android.

The young German brand Volla, which manufactures in Germany, uses its own operating system Volla OS with a focus on a new, intelligent operating concept and consistent data protection. It is based on an open-source, Google-free Android operating system. Alternatively, Volla phones are available with the equally open-source mobile Linux distribution Ubuntu Touch.

The aim is to provide the brand's smartphones with updates for as long as possible. The first Volla Phone was launched in 2020. Volla OS 09 has since become Volla OS 12, and the streamlined operating system means that it is still easy to use, even with new functions.

Google- and cloud-free for less data traffic and energy consumption

The primary purpose of cleaning up Google apps and services is to protect privacy and data protection. However, this has a significant side effect: the absence of the many background activities not only makes the operating system leaner and consumes less energy, it also results in up to 80% less data traffic to the cloud. And such a cloud is anything but a weightless cloud, but a multitude of services in a multitude of data centers with an energy requirement that often approaches that of a small town. This brings us to a crucial point. And yet hardly noticed.
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