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A smartphone for more time without a smartphone or: The first smart phone. It is time for de-digitalization, time to return to reality, personal communication and the real economy. In fact, digitalization has not made everyday life easier, but more complex. According to various studies, Germans spend more than a third of their day on their smartphones, with young people even spending more than 10 hours on average. A young German company is countering this with a completely new, intelligent operating concept for smartphones. With its smartphones, Volla Systeme offers an unorthodox alternative to the app paradigm of the market leaders. "Think different" used to be apps decades ago. Today, it is a German company that thinks differently.


On the street, on the bus, in a café, on the sofa: the sight seems omnipresent. People looking at the glowing display of the small portal to the global matrix. The routine endless swiping gesture to call up the latest posts, reels and shorts on the prayer wheel of postmodernism. Mobile operating systems and apps are designed to demand time and attention from users. Because where people devote time and attention to the medium, data is created. And data is a raw material not only for advertising and market research, but for everyone who wants to influence people's behavior. The digital world reflects back content, opinions and products in a kind of loop. It is not artificial intelligence that is so influential, but the belief that it knows better or even knows what we need, want or like. Whether it's music, clothes, a friend or boyfriend via profile matching, the ideal job and then the ideal partner via Wahl-o-mat.

There is an app for many everyday situations. Alongside the permanent connection to the cloud, the matrix of Big Tech, they are at the heart of the paradigm for mobile operating systems. That doesn't make it any easier. On the contrary. Smartphones are becoming more complex and juggling all the possibilities in your head more challenging.

More time and attention for what really matters: The people around us, being present in the here and now, the real things we create in life. Volla founder Dr. Jörg Wurzer wants to support this with a new smartphone operating concept. Instead of countless apps, direct interaction, inspired by the immediacy and simplicity of paper and pencil. "After almost 20 years, it's time for something new," the philosophy graduate is convinced.

The home screen is called "Springboard" and shows a red dot next to a text field that invites you to write. After the first few characters are entered, the Volla Phone begins to guess the user's intention and makes suggestions for completing names or suitable functions. If a user writes a name, the smart phone offers a call; if a text follows, it offers to send a text message or a signal message if the contact is available there. A short note along the lines of "Lunch with Linda tomorrow at 12 noon" is enough to make a calendar entry. Only the imagination limits the possibilities. Developers can contribute with additional "skills". Apps are therefore obsolete for most everyday activities with a smartphone. Take out your cell phone, do something and then put it back in again.

The red dot even makes frequently used functions possible with just a single gesture, as do intelligent "collections". They take up the content side. The Volla Phone automatically compiles the contacts with whom a user was last in contact through messages or calls, recent messages grouped by channel and freed from advertising and annoying menus. The most recently exchanged messages, whether by classic SMS or encrypted Signal service, can also be found here. The circle closes here. The section of current, currently relevant content creates a tidy overview. If you need the classic app overview as you know it from iPhones, you only need to swipe right once on the springboard.

Do you really need all the apps that fill smartphones? The second browser, the third messenger, another shopping app and a bargain app, the remote control for the light switch, the pedometer for the long familiar everyday routes ... a lot accumulates over time. Tidying up can be liberating, not only saving time but also conserving battery life. And if an app is necessary but rarely used, it can be temporarily hidden on the Volla Phone.

Zuckerberg's vision is the metaversion, the transfer of life into a virtual world. With "Vision", Apple has moved even closer to dystopia. Reality is conveyed in Cyperspace through the camera to the outside world, superimposed by digital objects and "corrections" of reality. The boundaries become blurred. An ideal opportunity to create, change and twist realities. Just as the creators and guardians of the matrix want. We have the choice. In virtual reality, there is always a reboot, the limits of what is possible are only megapixels and gigabytes. Not in reality. That's what makes every moment so precious.
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