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September Update

Updates, new features and partners, event for your questions. A fresh summer is behind us. There is also fresh wind for our Volla products. After we sent our new Volla Phone X to our customers in August, there were new updates, new features and new partners. And already we are preparing the next activities.

We would like to thank all those who ordered the Volla Phone X, which offers double security: Privacy security and security against water, dust and shock. The high demand has surprised us. The latest model is popular not only among craftsmen and other professional users, but also among athletes and active people.

Order now the Volla Phone X in our store.


Volla OS with new features

The Volla Phone and Volla Phone X have each received an update with bug fixes this month. After the security update for the new model is up to date, we will also update the Volla Phone.

Our Volla user interface also brings new features with an update via the pre-installed app store F-Droid:

  • You can now add any apps to the shortcuts that you call up via the red dot. To do so, simply touch an icon in the app overview for a bit longer. In the settings, you can hide or delete an app from the shortcuts at any time.
  • The news collection now supports Atom feeds as well as RSS feeds. Simply share the link to an Atom feed with the Volla app in the Fennec browser or enter the link in the text field of the springboard.
  • For web searches via the Springboard, users can now select two other search engines besides DuckDuckGo in the Volla user interface settings, which also protect user privacy.
  • When you change the light, dark or transparent mode in the Volla UI settings, the system now also adjusts the colors of the system and most apps like phone, contacts and calendar.

Volla Screenshots.001

Ubuntu Touch with improvements

The latest update, OTA-19, fixes a bug that caused it to repeatedly confirm the WLAN connection. We are already working on the next update. With it, we want to introduce a more convenient setup of a VPN for anonymizing traffic on the Internet, as well as handling a second call during a conversation.

Also new is the support of Volla Phone X in the Ubports installer for the subsequent installation of Ubuntu Touch. Support for Volla OS is in preparation. Note: Be sure to select the Volla Phone X in the list of devices. Selecting the Volla Phone will cause the Volla Phone X to fail to boot and need to be repaired.

Online event for your questions

Once a month, we want to give Volla Phone users and interested parties the opportunity to ask us live questions about our smartphones and operating systems for everyday use. Earlier this month, we would be on the air for the first time. The next Q&A event will take place on October 6 from 6 to 7 p.m. European Summer Time online at

The event will be held in German. Questions in English are also welcome and will be answered in English.

The main topic of our second broadcast in October will be the use of Ubuntu Touch in everyday life. As guest and expert we could win Alfred Neumeyer from UBports Foundation, which is our partner for the mobile Linux alternative.

New partners for simplicity and security

To realize our promise of freedom through simplicity and security, we have relied on the community of users and partners since the beginning of the Volla project. They include hardware producer Gigaset, the UBports Foundation and VPN provider We welcome three new partners at once, who also have the self-determination of participants in the digital world as their goal.

Startpage and MetaGer are two search engines that assure visitors anonymity and protect against profiling and skewed search results. As an alternative to searching with DuckDuckGo from the Volla OS springboard, you can select the search engine in the Volla user interface settings.

While Startpage uses Google's search index and anonymizes every query, MetaGer uses several search indexes at once. Besides Bing, the Meta search engine searches for articles from Zeit-Online or files from the peer-to-peer search Yacy. In addition, both search engines offer the option of opening search results anonymously to rule out profiling based on search behavior. Startpage is operated by an independent company in the Netherlands, MetaGer by the non-profit association SUMA e. V. from Hanover.

Read more in our blog post about Startpage and MetaGer.

Making security simple is the promise of StartMail, another Dutch provider of e-mail inboxes. Every email, including drafts, is stored in an encrypted area that only the user can access. Not even the operator of the service can read the contents. To consistently protect privacy, StartMail even suppresses the IP address of the sender. Since the provider does not sell the user's data or display advertising, the service is fee-based. We recommend the service to protect e-mail communication as well and are working with StartMail on a special offer for Volla users.

Read more in our blog post about StartMail.

As always, we look forward to talking with you. Visit us on the Volla Forum, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. We thank the great moderators and all community members who share their experiences and advise new Volla Phone users.

Enjoy the day!

Your Volla Team
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