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Volla OS 13: More comfort and security

It's another milestone. This spring sees the release of the new forward-looking version of Volla OS based on Android 13. It is the fifth generation of the Google-free operating system with a focus on simplicity and security.

Enhanced security mode

In addition to the new features of Android 13, the unique security mode of Volla OS has been enhanced. With an activated security mode, users can temporarily block apps and their background processes and filter the Internet connections for all apps on an inclusion or exclusion list of Internet addresses. Such a firewall protects the device from trackers that collect user data, unwanted advertising, malware or fraud such as phishing. In the extended security mode, access to the Internet can now also be controlled for each app.

Security mode

microG, only when really needed

For apps, the deactivation of microG can be linked to the activation of security mode. The optional microG system component simulates Google Play services and establishes the connection to Google Cloud services. Some users rely on apps that do not work without these services, but violate data and privacy protection. With the security mode, it is now possible to activate the apps including Google Play services only for the moment of use and then block them again completely.

Automatic updates for firewall

The security mode provides templates for the firewall so that users do not have to collect the many Internet addresses for trackers, advertising, malware and more. With the latest version, these are now updated in the background. Like the entire Volla OS, the security mode and the address collection are open source and published on Github.

Integrated accessibility

At the suggestion of a user, Volla OS 13 now also includes an accessibility app. It can read out what is on the display to blind or severely visually impaired users. Special gestures allow users to interact with the user interface even when buttons are not visible to them. The speech synthesis also integrated in Volla OS makes this possible. As the operating system also supports speech recognition, spoken text input is also possible. The artificial intelligence used here is executed exclusively on the device. Not a single bit of highly sensitive voice sample is sent to the cloud, as is the case with Siri, Cortana or Alexa.

A complete list of all innovations can be found in the Volla OS release notes on Github, the platform for open source software.

Innovations for all Volla smartphones

Volla OS 13 is available for download for the Volla Phone 22 as well as Volla Phone X23 and X23E. For technical reasons, the version is not available for the first generation Volla Phone and the Volla Phone X. In line with Volla's longevity and long-term value strategy, the new and special functions of Volla will be provided in addition to the monthly security updates of Volla OS 12, if technically possible
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