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May Update

Spring is another time of exciting developments at Volla. Volla Community Days are just around the corner, there is a system update for Ubuntu Touch and the Volla user interface has also been improved.

Volla Phones in the color slate gray are available again. If you don't have the smartphone for your freedom through simplicity and security yet, you can order it now in our online store.

Volla Community Days

From May 29th to 30th we will host the Volla Community Days for the third time. This year we invite our attendees to watch our live webcast and get involved in the chat and hackathon. You can find an overview of the preliminary agenda on our blog. On our event page we will publish the addresses for the live broadcast in time.

There will be interesting interviews, demonstrations and talks:

  • New developments and outlooks from Volla
  • Tips for everyday life with the Volla OS
  • Interview with our partners with opportunity for questions and answers
  • Guest presentations on tap-proof communication solutions and data protection
  • News about Android Apps under Ubuntu Touch
  • Demos from the community on Sailfish OS, Manjaro, Nemo Mobile and Driodian

We will again award prizes for the best results in the hackathon, including Volla Phones. Who gets a prize is determined by the community.


We would like to thank the many volunteers, supporters and companions, without whom such an event would not be possible.

Volla OS 10 Update

Unfortunately, there is a delay in the major system update of Volla OS, which we had announced for April. However, we are confident that we will be able to roll it out in two stages over the next few weeks: First, there will be a minor update for Volla OS 9, before the major update to an Android 10 base. In the process, the Volla OS will remain free of Google Apps and Play Services.

The reason for the delay is extensive testing, which is mainly to ensure the error-free and successful process of the update. In addition, the Volla specific adaptations of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) had to be transferred to the new version. At the same time, we moved to a more powerful infrastructure for our development and deployment of updates, and at the same time to a new software.

With Volla OS 10, dark mode is now available across the system for settings and notifications. For bright sunny days, the choice of light mode remains.

Volla OS Update

We are already preparing the next steps after the release of Volla OS 10. By restructuring the source code management, we pursue two important goals: By closely linking with Android Open Source project, we want to provide more regular and short-term bug fixes and security updates. At the same time, the restructuring will enable the promised continued release of the source end of Volla OS.

Volla User Interface

Further development of the Volla user interface has also picked up steam. First, we introduced minor improvements and bug fixes. Contacts should now recognize Springboard more reliably and the user will receive a short confirmation for sent short messages and created notes. With version 1.2.8 of the Volla app, we introduce a cache for contacts that avoids the animated circle being displayed for a long time when an address book with many entries is loaded.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 update

With the latest system update, some Ubuntu Touch improvements and bug fixes are available for the Volla Phone.

  • If the battery is completely dead, the Volla Phone will now boot regularly when connected to the USB power adapter.
  • The first of two steps for improved battery performance is included. For this, a background process that led to the increased power consumption has been changed.
  • Users can use the second SIM card for the mobile data connection. For this, you currently need to enter mobile data connection settings (APN settings) and restart the device.

Ubunt Touch Update

We are already working on the next system update. Among other things, we will introduce a battery charging mode for a Volla Phone that is turned off. We are also preparing a solution that will allow the Volla Phone to automatically reconnect to the WLAN after waking up from sleep mode. Currently, it may happen that the user is prompted to enter the WLAN password. In this case, you can simply cancel the process and activate your WLAN network in the quick settings.

UBports Installer

We would like to thank the UBports Foundation and all the volunteer developers for the UBports Installer, an app that allows you to switch operating systems on smartphones like the Volla Phone. We have published step-by-step instructions on our download page. Nevertheless, we only recommend using the app, which is currently available as a beta version, to very experienced users.

To all others who are curious about a different operating system, we offer the switch for 25 Euros plus shipping costs. This way you save yourself time and frustration if an error occurs during installation. Just send us your Volla Phone with a cover letter about the desired operating system to us. Unfortunately we are not allowed to install the community port of Sailfish OS due to licensing reasons.

As always we are looking forward to the dialog with you. Visit us on the Volla Forum, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We thank the great moderators and all community members who share their experiences to advise new users of Volla Phone.

Enjoy the day!

Your Volla Team
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