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April Update

April news: Major updates, Volla Phone X23 production, Community Days 2023: Both operating systems get an extensive update with the spring. While the fourth generation based on Android 12 is due for Volla OS, the public beta of a fundamentally revised version based on Ubuntu 20.05 is already available for Ubuntu Touch. The Volla Phone X23 is also about to be manufactured in the first batch.

Volla Phone X23

Production is on schedule, so we expect to start shipping in the third week of May. We expect the last components to be delivered at the end of April, so we can start manufacturing the first batch in the first week of May.

Volla OS 12 for the Volla Phone X23 is on the home stretch, while we need a few more weeks for Ubuntu Touch as our developers are once again pioneering the Halium 12 hardware abstraction.

We have decided to extend the pre-order promotion for the new Volla Phone X23 until April 23. Those who order now will receive a 5% pre-sale discount with the code VOLLAX23 in our online store.


Volla OS 12

The fourth-generation operating system will first be available for the Volla Phone 22 and Volla Phone X in early May. It will be followed by the first-generation Volla Phone. The Volla Phone X23 will ship with Volla Phone 12 right away. And these are the innovations:

  • Automatic speech recognition with open-source artificial intelligence, which, unlike Siri, Cortana and Co, is executed exclusively on the Volla Phone without a cloud. An open source speech synthesis will follow, also with uncompromising protection of your privacy.
  • Integration of Signal Messenger messages in the compilation of recent messages in the Volla Launcher. With a single gesture, retrieve not only recent SMS or MMS messages, but also Signal messages and reply to them immediately in the launcher without opening an app.
  • Globally enable and disable the camera and microphone for the entire OS and all apps.
  • Enjoy a refreshed design with consistent typography in the system and launcher and a new lock screen.
  • Find on the Volla Phone X23 new special features for an additional button on the left side and the LED ring around the camera on the back of the device. The latter can, for example, discreetly indicate an incoming call in conference mode or stylishly visualize your music.

Order our elegant and powerful flagship model Volla Phone 22 today.


Ubuntu Touch Focal

Fossa The alternative mobile Linux operating system has undergone a fundamental overhaul. The base of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has been raised to version 20.04.

The innovations under the hood promise improved and new apps for Ubuntu Touch. New system functions are also possible with it. Among other things, a simplified VPN setup using OpenVPN configuration files is planned.

Overall, the new Ubuntu Touch already feels fluid. We have listed known bugs and missing features here.

Users of a Volla Phone can switch to the updates to the new version OTA-1 in the system settings, which is to be considered as a public beta. In our wiki we have listed the known bugs and still missing features. The stable version with all features is planned for OTA-3.

Attention: Those who have Ubuntu Touch set up as a second operating system will be able to update the system later via the Volla Boot Manager. Updating via the system settings of Ubuntu Touch will result in an error.


Volla Community

Days For the fifth time we invite you to our annual event, this time on May 20-21. Meet the Volla team, partners and users in Remscheid or follow the latest developments and exciting outlooks live on the internet. Experience international guests in presentations, demos, interviews and new formats like one-to-one talks for companies and meet-one experts for users and developers.

This year, we are especially excited to welcome new partners and business customers who are using Volla Phones with Volla OS and Ubuntu Touch operating systems as a platform for innovative solutions in business, healthcare or exciting products of their own. Learn more in our blog post.


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