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When it comes to fast page loads, the Chrome browser is right in front. But privacy is not the focus of Google's app, which naturally uses Google as the default search and can be connected to a Google account. The Vivaldi browser from Norway promises to combine speed with uncompromising data protection with its own variant of the open-source Chrome Engine.

In addition to cookies, Google introduced new technologies and the names Floc and Topic for its browsers to categorize users for advertising by evaluating user behavior. And they do this even without cookies. These recent examples are proof that the decision to develop a browser based on the open source Chromium was the right one, in order to take advantage of the speed and compatibility with modern websites but at the same time improve privacy protection. Some additions have been published by Vivaldi on Github. At the same time, the company offers source code for download to be verifiable. Thus the company drives a similar strategy as Volla.

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Fennec has also become a standard Volla OS browser because users can add various extensions, including one to block advertisements if they have not already been blocked by the security mode. This feature is already built into the Vivaldi browser as standard and only needs to be enabled. The same applies to trackers. Learn more in Vivaldi's feature description. Vivaldi can be installed via the Aurora Store, where you can also find other apps from the Google Play Store under Volla OS. Another tip: In the system settings under "Apps" (Volla OS 12) or "Apps & Notifications" (Volla OS 11), you will find an entry "Stand Apps". under which you can set Vivaldi's browser as the default, so that you always open links there.

If you like the Vivaldi browser, you can also use it on macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry PI, Android Automotive and soon iOS. Maybe the browser for Ubuntu Touch will come soon as well. An installation with Libertine is worth a try.

If you want, similar to a Mozilla account, you can create a Vivaldi account to sync bookmarks, history, passwords and more with the browser on your Volla Phone with the one on your Mac or PC, or just to back up your bookmarks.

Those who open the Vivaldi browser for the first time on Volla OS will find a notice that Google Play services are required. The official statement says that Google Play services are used for collecting error reports (crash reports) and delivering notifications from websites. This is where Vivaldi's potential for improvement lies. On the Volla Phone, these functions are of course not executed without activating microG.
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