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November Update

Spftware-Updates, Sailfish OS, security mode templates. After a successful summer with delivery of our elegant and powerful Volla Phone 22, we have started an exciting autumn. Thanks to our users, we are able to consistently develop our ambitious project of a smartphone focused on simplicity and security.

Autumn special promotion until the end of the week

With the statement "Just get out" we offer our robust Volla Peine X at a special price for the colorful and sunny autumn. All customers who order until November 6 will receive a discount of 22 Euro. Depending on the VAT in the buyer's country, the discount may vary slightly. Enjoy the outdoors with the outdoor smartphone that can even get wet in the rain.

Order now here with the discount code HERBST22.

Users outside of Europe can get the device on Indiegogo.


Volla OS update for all models

At the beginning of autumn, we were able to deliver a new version of Volla OS for all our smartphone models. With this, users of the first generation Volla Phone now also benefit from the security mode and the rugged Volla Phone X even from the unique Multi Boot feature. It enables the installation of Ubuntu Touch as an additional operating system on a memory card. Last but not least, latest Volla OS also includes the latest security updates for Android.


Sailfish OS as second operating system

Thanks to community developer Adam Pigg, the latest Volla OS for the Volla Pone 22 now also makes it possible to install and use the community edition of Sailfish OS as a second or third operating system. The unusual operating system from the Finnish company Jolla impresses with consistent gesture control, consistent design and everyday usability. The simple installation without technical knowledge could give the alternative operating system new momentum.

Developers of other operating systems are also invited to use the convenient multi-boot function for their alternative. Just contact us to include the operating system in Volla Boot Manager.


Security mode templates

After the release of the new version for Volla OS we are already working on new topics. For example, we have started a project to develop security mode templates with the community. Security mode allows targeted filtering or explicit sharing of Internet domains for all Internet traffic on a Volla Phone. But defining the filter can be tedious. That's why Security Mode already provides list importing for easy and fast Security Mode setup. In the project, we compiled templates for such lists.

While exclusion lists (black lists) are still easy to create, as there are many projects for blocking trackers and ads, creating inclusion lists (white lists) requires editorial work. We are thinking here, for example, of templates for Internet domains with content suitable for children or young people. For the opportunity to contribute, we have published the project on the popular platform Github.

Solution for apps that require Google services

We didn't stop there. Since many users have approached us to see if we can support Android apps that rely on Google Play services, we are preparing the optional installation of microG. This is a technique that replaces Google Play services with an alternative implementation to ensure functionality but privacy protection at the same time.

Also, work has started on Volla OS 12, the next big version jump for our operating system based on Android 12.

Upcoming update of Ubuntu Touch

The next official version OTA-24 is about to be released. Our development team has been working for the past month on improving the battery consumption, the stability of the Wi-Fi connection and many small bug fixes, including the ability to reset the device to factory defaults.

Experienced users who could use the UBports installer to change the operating system of a Volla Phone can now also install Ubuntu Touch on a Volla Phone 22. The option to also install Volla OS and Sailfish OS is about to be released by the UBports Foundation.

The Volla Phone for enterprises

Of growing importance are solutions for enterprises and organizations, for which we can offer a Volla Phone model in combination with an operating system adapted to their needs. One of the latest projects is our Volla Phone X with a special function for quick retrieval of emergency information for the fire department. We implemented this solution for the company Safetybrands, which offers the digital rescue card.

You can find more about our offer for business customers on our website.

Introducing the Volla team

Also new on our website is the introduction of the company, the team and the partners behind Volla.

Last but not least, you will find arguments for real sustainability. The replaceable battery is popular with our users. But this is only a small detail of the longevity and the environmentally friendly use of raw materials and energy. We will also offer system updates beyond the warranty period. The interaction of our slim operating systems with powerful 8-core processors enables smooth operation even after updates in the future. Most importantly, the cloud-independent operating system saves up to 80% data traffic compared to Google's stock Android, significantly reducing energy consumed in data centers.

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