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March Update

Also in March there is progress in the Volla project: pre-sale of the slate grey Volla Phones, software updates for Ubuntu Touch and UBports installer, Volla Community Days in May and opening of the Volla Customer Forum.
We would like to thank all supporters and customers of our online store, who make a sustainable further development possible. We are especially happy about recommendations and testimonials, which make our alternative smartphone for freedom through simplicity and security known.

Delivery status

We continue to be able to keep our promise to send out a reward or order, and in the online store we are now able to shorten the delivery time to two to three weeks. For supporters in the USA, we have decided to send out rewards via DHL Express until the delays of regular shipping are lifted.

Supporters from the US whose rewards were shipped in January but have not yet received them can contact our customer service.

Slate gray units in late April

Due to high demand, we had to reorder components for the Volla Phone in Slate Gray. Production can start in April, so we expect delivery from the end of next month. From now on we offer the Volla Phone in slate gray again in our online store for pre-order.


So in April, as promised, we will also send the reward to all our backers on Indiegogo who selected a Volla Phone in Slate Gray.

Software Updates

Users running a Volla Phone with Ubuntu Touch can now update the operating system to the latest version OTA-16. To do so, access the system settings and then "Update". Among other things, the version fixes the loss of cellular connectivity that occasionally occurred for some users. In addition, users with two SIM cards can now select the card for mobile data transfer.


In the next few weeks, the major update of Volla OS to an Android 10 base will follow with a small delay. Currently, the version is already in the final testing phase. The final touches are on the Volla lock screen.

Good news for those who want to change the operating system with the UBports installer. It is now possible to switch from Ubuntu Touch to Volla OS or Sailfish OS again. If you want to switch from Volla OS to another operating system, please note that the Volla Phone has to be unlocked first (OEM Unlock).

Volla Community Days in May

This year we will host the Volla Community Days for the third time. We have chosen the last weekend in May from 5/29 to 5/30, before the vacation season. We are looking forward to our users, supporters and developers from the Volla community, from exciting talks and discussions.

Planned are presentations on the status and further development of the Volla Phone and its operating systems, interviews with partners, round tables with users and of course our hackathon with prizes for the best results. We will publish details in our blog soon.

We invite proposals for a talk or demonstration on the theme of Ease of use, privacy for mobile communications and open source development for the Volla Phone by April 21.

We are yet to announce whether we will have to hold the event exclusively online due to state government emergency regulations. In any case, we will invite "studio guests" for a live broadcast.

Volla Community Forum launch

Starting Monday evening, our Volla Community Forum will be open for questions and answers about the Volla Phone and its operating systems. With the high number of subscribers to our Telegram channel, shared knowledge is quickly lost. This resulted in the desire of our users to create a forum to receive and better find common questions and answers from the community.

We would like to thank all those who already share their experiences and knowledge with other users and interested parties on the Telegram channel. We especially thank "Andy" who spent many hours preparing the Volla Community Forum. We would also like to thank everyone who agreed to help us with moderating the forum.

Recommend freedom

Exciting developments lie ahead. We are looking forward to them. Because we invest our money primarily in the further development of our product and do not have the marketing budget of other companies, we appreciate every recommendation in our circle of friends and social media. You can find us on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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