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December Update

More stability for Ubuntu Touch. new features for Volla OS. Experience Volla at Dodenhof near Bremen: Also in the final spurt of the year the Volla project continues to develop. For all Volla Phone models the new Ubuntu Touch version OTA-24 is ready and a new Volla OS version is planned with new features still in December.

We would like to thank all the volunteer developers of the UBports community, translators and beta testers of our operating systems. This shows that we are moving the Volla project forward for and with our users. Last but not least, we thank the two moderators of our forum and Telegram channel for a tireless, great work.

If you don't have a Christmas present yet, you can buy the Volla Phone 22 with the voucher ADVENT22 in our online store now to receive our gift of 25 euros. With a little luck you can win useful prizes for your smartphone every week with our Advent quartet. Before Christmas, we will also raffle off a white Volla Phone 22 among all participants. We thank our partner for participating in the prizes.


If you want to have a look at our Volla Phone models or accessories and get some advice, you can stop by at one of our dealers in Bremen, Stuttgart, Munich and of course at our Volla Bar in Remscheid. We are pleased that you can now also find us in the north of Germany, at Vaund in Dudenhof in Posthumen near Bremen. The experience world of Dudenhof and the innovations products of Vaund offer the perfect environment for Volla. In the pre-Christmas period, we offer every Volla Phone model with a free accessory of your choice at all dealers.

Ubuntu Touch

Users of a Volla Phone 22 in particular will benefit from the OTA-24 update. Many improvements have been incorporated by us to make the operating system more stable, especially the mobile and WLAN connection.

To perform the system update, access the system settings, then the entry for "Updates". If you are connected to the Internet, the system will search for the update and download it for updating. Make sure that you have selected the channel labeled "Stable". You can check this by tapping the gear in the upper right corner.


Users of Ubuntu Touch as a second operating system need to go to Volla Boot Manager in System Preferences for the update, go to the "ROM" entry in the app's sidebar, then select Ubuntu Touch and tap "System Update" in the dialog box.

Volla OS

The next update for Volla OS is already in public beta testing. We plan to release it as our Christmas gift to all users before the end of December. New features are:

  • An introduction to the basic functions when first launching the Volla user interface with Springboard and Collections. Small live examples illustrate how you can use the new simplicity in your everyday life.
  • The optional integration of Signal in the collections for conversations and messages, with the possibility to send encrypted messages directly. This way you have everything in one place: SMS, MMS and Signal messages, without having to open an app at all.
  • The optional use of security mode templates. We will start with exclusion lists (black lists) for trackers, malware and more. This way you don't have to gather the addresses yourself to protect yourself.
  • Optional activation of microG, a software that simulates Google Play services, increasing the number of compatible apps with the Volla OS. Quite a few users rely on apps at work, study or home that make Google Play services mandatory, for example the eBay app.


We invite our users to participate in our open source security mode template project. In particular, we need editorial support for the inclusion lists (white lists). To protect children and young people, we should compile editorially vetted Internet domains that are appropriate for the target audiences. The safety mode can protect children and young people from inappropriate content or grooming without having to give up the school website or cell phone altogether.

We are already preparing exciting new products and features for the coming year. We wish all users, helpers, partners, suppliers and distributors a wonderful pre-Christmas season full of anticipation.

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