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May Update

Crowd Funding. Volla Phone 22. Volla OS 11: Now it's for sure. Volla Phone 22 will be released in July. With our Crowd Funding campaign on Kickstarter we reached 1000% of our funding goal. We would like to thank all Volla friends who supported us. Pre-orders are now available on Indiegogo and in our online store. At the same time, the major system update Volla OS 11.1 is available for all Volla Phone model.


The overwhelming response to the Kickstarter campaign is not only a great motivation for the whole Volla team, but also a foundation for a long-term development of the ambitious Volla project. So all users of a Volla Phone and Volla Phone X can look forward to most of the new Volla features we announced for the Volla Phone 22. This is because these will also be available for all current models via a system update. This is our promise for the longevity of our products.

Volla OS

Among other things, all users can look forward to Volla OS' unique security mode, an improved springboard that can send signal messages, recognize appointments for the calendar, and clearly group and hide apps.

Because the longevity of our Volla Phone models is important to us, as of this month Volla OS 11.1 is available via a system update for all Volla Phone models. For the Volla Phone, it's already around the third major version jump. To do so, access the system settings, then "System" and "Updater".

What is new besides the Android 11 base operating system:

  • The colors of the system are now consistently black and white for better legibility and minimalistic design.
  • As a default for phone calls, we now recommend a color-matched app with more features like making conference calls.
  • As a default for SMS and MMS, the system now uses a likewise color-customized app with more convenient functions for attaching media.


Volla Phone 22

Those who missed the Kickstarter campaign and reside in Europe now have the chance to pre-order the new Volla Phone 22 in our online store and save with 10% discount using the code VOLLA22.

At the same time, we also offer to support our campaign on Indiegogo for Volla friends from all over the world. There you can also find out all the details about the Volla Phone 22. If you are quick, you can get the "EarlyBird" reward with a super special price of the Volla Phone 22.

The special features of the Volla Phone 22 at a glance

  • Multi-boot function for additional operating systems.
  • Pre-installed Volla Os or Ubuntu Touch.
  • New unique Volla OS features like security mode .
  • 48 megapixel dual camera
  • 128 GB internal memory and up to 0.5 terabyte external memory.
  • Elegant, high-quality design with recessed lenses and glass back.
  • Black and white color option.


As always, we invite you to stay in touch with us, and if you recommend us. You can find us on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For technical and general questions you can contact us through our form.

Enjoy the day!

Your Volla Team

One more thing

Today we would also like to point out a friendly company that offers an interesting product for secure file storage in the distributed, encrypted cloud:

Shield your data from prying eyes with Cubbit

Cubbit is Europe's first zero-knowledge peer-to-peer cloud, where privacy is by design.

Each file saved on Cubbit is protected by 3 layers of security:

  • Bank-level encryption: similar to traditional cloud storage.
  • Zero-knowledge technology: the highest market standard. Not even Cubbit can access the files you store on the network.
  • Fragmentation and distribution: each file is split into 36 chunks and spread across a network of user-powered Cubbit Cells. No whole information is stored anywhere!
Our friends from Cubbit recently launched Cubbit Cloud, the safest place on the internet — where you can shield your data from prying eyes forever.

Get now your Cubbit Cloud annual plan and then send 'VOLLA-FRIENDS' to, you'll get 100GB free on top of the Cubbit Cloud space you buy — for one year!
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