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August Update

Updates. AI. Multi Boot. Delivery status. It's a busy Volla summer: with over 850 Volla Phone X23 sold so far, the successor to our rugged and waterproof smartphone Volla Phone X is the most successful model so far. Therefore, we have to re-produce, but will soon be able to deliver again In addition, Volla OS 12 updates for all smartphone models are pending and Ubuntu Touch is approaching the home stretch of stability and completeness of features with the OTA-2 update. 

Unforgettable are this year's Volla Community Days 2023 with a total of over 330 attendees each day, out of about 30 on site. For those who missed, you can find a report in our blog, recordings of the contributions on Youtube and a movie from our partner Linux Nordic, which is currently really taking off in Northern Europe.

Volla Phone X23

In addition to our elegant and lightweight flagship model Volla Phone 22, the Volla Phone X23 serves all requirements of a rugged phone for outdoor activities, sports, crafts and a use where moisture and dust would damage a regular smartphone. While the Volla Phone 22 has a higher screen resolution, the Volla Phone X23 has a brighter display. Both feature a powerful 8-core processor and high-quality 48 MP camera, 128 GB of internal storage and even a removable battery.

While the Volla Phone 22 is still available in all colors, we already have to reorder the Volla Phone X23. We expect it to start shipping in 2 to 3 weeks. If you don't have a volla Phone yet, secure the smartphone from Germany for your freedom through simplicity and security right here on Kickstarter now.

  • A tip: Note that the camera app in Volla OS knows two modes for the rear camera, which you select via the same button as switching to the front camera: a wide-angle mode with 8MP resolution and a regular mode with up to 48 MP resolution.


Volla OS 12

Still in August, a system update of Volla OS 12 will appear for all Volla Phones with improvements in stability and some features. Then also finally users of a Volla Phone X will get an update to Volla OS 12. Here the adaptation of the multi-boot function had needed more time for the development.

The multi-boot function is currently part of Volla OS on the Volla Phone X, 22 and X23. For Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish OS as a second or third operating system, an update of the hardware abstraction layer is required for the Volla Phone 22 due to new device drivers. We expect the release at the beginning of September. Those using the multi-boot option on the Volla Phone 22 should therefore stick with Volla OS 11. For the Volla Phone X23, Ubuntu Touch is available as a second operating system with the next update from in August. Here you can find the release notes.

Many are already waiting for the speech recognition feature. It has turned out to be more challenging than expected to connect the speech input emit the speech model. We now expect to ship with a system update in late August or early September. After that, we will immediately start working on speech synthesis (text to speech). Unlike Siri, Cortana and Alexa, we will not send a single byte to the cloud. We stick to uncompromising privacy protection with open source software.

Meanwhile, the Volla Launcher has also been improved with better integration of Signal messages, the ability to share notes and switch to colored icons. The release notes can be found here.

  • A tip: before updating the operating system, update all system apps, especially the Volla Launcher. if there is a problem after updating, we have described a solution on our help page.

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Ubuntu Touch

Anyone already using Ubuntu Touch with the base Ubuntu operating system 20.04 (Focal) should upgrade to the stable version OTA-2. This is especially true for users of a Volla Phone X23, for which we have introduced far-reaching improvements for di3 use alls everyday device. Volla specific release notes can be found here.

Spoiler Alert: Together with our partner, we are developing an app to conveniently set up and control a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) that protects your internet connections from third-party view and allows free, censorship-free access to information and world news. A milestone for Ubuntu Touch as a daily companion.

Sailfish OS and Droidian with Cutie Shell are also in the pipeline from the community. We thank everyone who contributes to the Volla project or uses our smartphones and open source software for their projects and ideas. This is how great things are created.

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