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August Update

Special sales day on August 13 in Remscheid, Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich. Software update. Ongoing shipments. We are overwhelmed by the demand for the new Volla Phone 22, and we are even more pleased to be able to ship all July shipments this week and already begin August donations and orders. It is our users who make a smartphone for freedom possible through simplicity and security. Due to short supply chains with German partners we can deliver within 1 to 2 weeks.

Special sales day: Experience Volla

On Saturday, August 13, we offer a special sales day at our location in Remscheid and at our dealers in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich. Everyone who buys a Volla Phone 22 on this day can choose a free accessory.... For example, a chic Volla smartphone case made of wool felt or a display protector.

Experience the Volla Phone 22, how it feels in the hand and how the operation feels in practice. Let us advise you which operating system is best for you.t and come and talk to the Volla team at the Remscheid location from 10 am to 2 pm. You will find us in the coWORLD, in the Kölner Straße 102. There will be drinks and snacks.

Besides Berlin and Stuttgart, we are now also in Munich through our partner Urbanbird, at Willy-Brandt-Platz 5. A list of our dealers with opening hours can be found on our website.

We also welcome our new dealer Linux Nordic, who wants to participate in the special sales day for users from Denmark and the other countries in the far north. We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

Volla OS

Later this month we plan to release a new version of Volla OS for the Volla Phone and Volla PHone X. It will not only include the Android security update but also introduce the security mode for all our models. We have also started developing the multi-boot feature for the Volla Phone X.

Ubuntu Touch

Our development team is working on an update to Ubuntu Touch for the Volla Phone 22, which improves stability for cellular and Wi-Fi features and fixes an issue with playing self-recorded videos.

Users of Ubuntu Touch as a second operating system can also rejoice. Soon we will deliver a system update via the Volla Boot Manager, which activates mobile phone functions and data exchange with the PC.

A community port of Sailfish OS is also in preparation as an option for a second operating system that can be installed via the Volla boot manager.


We would like to thank all supporters of our crowd funding campaigns and all pre-orders for their patience with the delivery of the Volla Phone. We hope everyone enjoys the Volla Phone 22, the smartphone for freedom through simplicity and security. Stay in touch with us. Every recommendation helps us to further develop this ambitious project.

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Enjoy the day!

Your Volla Team
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