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Volla Community Days 2019

Let's work together to help a free open source alternative to Android and iOS break through. We invite developers to a hackathon from 18 to 19 May 2019 to get one step closer to that goal. In addition, we want to offer founders, foundations and entrepreneurs a forum to discuss cooperations for a common basis to make great ideas come true. We especially welcome the community members of Sailfish OS, Nemo Mobile and UBports.

The Volla event takes place with and for the community. Therefore, the community should also decide on the topics. For our ideas for Volla, we propose the following topic for the Hackathon, for which we will also announce one or two money or material prizes to show our appreciation. The prerequisite is the provision of the result under a liberal license such as MIT or BSD. Who receives the prize should be decided by the participants.

  1. Refreshing the UBports system interface for a modern and even better mobile user experience with a prototype as a proof of concept. The model is the Sailfish and Glacier unser interface with a grid instead of compartments to display open apps and marginal gestures to display a grid of apps that overrides events and device status. One challenge is to change the system interface without creating conflicts with other system features and later updates.
  2. Anbox for Nemo Mobile and Sailfish OS with a prototypical port as proof of concept to make the alternative operating systems attractive for a broad target group of average users, who mostly depend on one or the other current app. The future challenge will be to hide some standard apps and create system integration to access data, share content and display messages.
  3. Silica wrapper or mapper for Nemo Mobile as proof of concept to run more apps and make the free, open source operating system a real alternative in everyday life. Currently, there are hardly any native Glacier apps for Nemo Mobile, whether it is related to Sailfish that it must use an open source alternative to Silica. Also other approaches to increase the number of possible apps for Nemo Mobile are welcome.
  4. Nemo Mobile update script or App to upgrade the operating system to a Sailfish Community Port. For this purpose a reverse script can also be described, which switches an installed Sailfish OS to a pure Nemo Mobile system, uses the Glacier UX as system user interface and the Glacier Standard apps and does not use Sailfish libraries that are not published as FOSS.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Registrations are not required so that we can book enough room and catering, but please let us know via our contact form.

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Photos courtesy of Marc Brands


We will start on Saturday at 9 AM CEST. The event officially ends on Sunday at 4 PM CEST to allow participants to return home. An interactive live broadcast is expected to start at 10 a.m. at GoToMeeting.

Venue and arrival

Kölner Straße 102
42897 Remscheid
Open Street Maps

Close airports:
Airport Düsseldorf DUS
Cologne Bonn Airport CGN

Transport from one of the airports or Wuppertal main station with Taxi Hackenberger: +4917672650393. Say the event name "Volla Community Days" for a special event price of 75,00 € for a ride from Düsseldorf Airport.

Close train stations:
Wuppertal central station for long distance trains
Remscheid Lennep for regional trains

Parking spaces are available at the Park & Ride car park at Lennep station.
Open Street Maps.

Accommodation and sightseeing

The event takes place in the heart of the Country of Berg in the immediate vicinity of the medieval old town of Remscheid with restaurants, cafés, shops, museums and cabarets. Places of interest such as a castle are just around the corner from the neighbouring town. This makes the community event an ideal opportunity to take your friend, girlfriend or family with you for sightseeing and leisure activities.

Booking homepage for hotels close to the event location
TripAdvisor homepage of Remscheid

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