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Discover the new freedom
Volla Phone

Elegant lightness.

Volla Phone

Get your freedom back today

The elegant Volla Phone offers an operating system that consistently protects your privacy and keeps your mind free with a new operating concept.

Elegant lightness.

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High quality 16 megapixel dual camera fir the best moments. Second lense for portraits and after shots with depth of field.
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Full coverage display on the front thanks to V-Notch for fron camera. Crisp writing and vivid images with 16.7 million colors ab 409 pixels per inch.
Low radiation.

Powerful 8-core-processor for smooth operation for many years.
Long lasting an enduring 4700 mAh lithium polymer battery.
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Jack plug for the headphones of your choice allows classical radio at the same time.
Two SIM cards for more ease in professional and personal life.
64 GB memory and up to 512 GB memory card for your music, photos and videos.

Volla OS:
The next operating system

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Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our Volla OS respects your privacy, built on a free open-source, Google-free Android with no dependence on a cloud.

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Continue to use essential apps for your everyday life and get the best of both worlds, just the way you want it.

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Complete everyday tasks by accessing features and information at lightning speed with a single gesture.

More quick than menus and apps: just start typing and your Volla Phone will recognize what you want to do and offer suitable suggestions.

Play Video

The Sprinboard

Smart text field; start a call, message, web search and more.

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All important everyday functions with a single gesture.


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Contacts: Favorites from your address book and people you've been in contact with recently.

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Conversations: Your most recently exchanged text and picture messages, grouped by conversations.

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News: Recent news, clearly grouped by your subscribed channels with reading view of posts.

Design Themes

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Light: Ideal for daytime, black on white with easy to read fonts.

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Dark: Pleasant for the eyes, white on black, perfect contrasts.

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Transparent: Pure lightness with translucent background.

Your Volla OS, just as you want and need it.

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Individual news channels (RSS and Atom).
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Customizable shortcuts including apps you need frequently.
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Colorful as life: Your wallpaper.


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Google-free operating system.

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Anonymous without a user account.

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No dependence on a cloud.

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Secure, curated system apps.

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Verifiable, open source apps.

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Log-free VPN from

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Encrypted device storage.

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Biometric lock.

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Detailed privacy settings.

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Alternative apps store with tracker warning.

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Navigation with offline maps.

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secure browser with extension options.

App Stores

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F-Droid for alternative open source apps and at the same time always up-to-date system apps.

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Aurora for anonymous installation of apps with tracker hints.

Based on a free open source Android without Google apps and services and without dependence on a cloud.

We don't collect data, we don't keep statistics, and we don't ask for a Volla user account in order for you to use the Volla Phone.

To protect your privacy, the Volla Phone also comes to you with an app for the VPN service, which does not log any activity, ensuring your anonymity.

We have replaced the basic apps like for telephony and address book with curated apps that are also open source and protected the system with optional VPN.

Alternative mobile Linux:
Ubuntu Touch

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Puristic: Everything you really need.
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One world: Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch.
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Practical: Sidebar for quick access to your important apps.
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Clear: Compartments for open apps.
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Self-Determined: Terminal for your full control and freedom.
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Learn more on the pages of Ubports Foundation, our strong partner for Ubuntu Touch.

The operating system of the Volla Phone can also change us customer service for 25 euros later. Experienced users can use the Ubports Installer for this.

The Hardware

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Open Source

We use transparent, open source software. We started with us and for our users. Are you interested to be part of an exciting development and to help? You can find our projects on the popular platform Github, which is also the starting point for many community projects.

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