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Volla Systeme is an independent, German manufacturer of smartphones, optionally with its own Android operating system Volla OS or the mobile Linux distribution Ubuntu Touch. Volla OS is characterized by uncompromising data protection and a uniquely intelligent operating concept.

We have great things in mind. No less than giving people back their freedom through simplicity and security. Free communication, Free access to information and Free time and attention for the things that are important to us.

This is the path we have been following from the beginning with and for our users and with our friends and partners. This enables us to sustainably realize our goals and offer the best combination of hardware, software and services for mobile life.

We are at the beginning of an exciting development.

Independent for new ways and your security

In 2017, Dr. Jörg Wurzer founded Hallo Welt Systeme UG at the Remscheid site in Germany, which later became Volla Systeme GmbH. In order to be and remain independent, the entrepreneur relied on his own capital and crowd funding. After almost 3 years of research & development and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first Volla Phone was launched in 2020. In the meantime, thousands of smartphones have been sold in over 55 countries around the world.

The independence from investors not only allows consistent and long-term privacy protection, but also completely new ways: away from the focus on apps and cloud dependency, towards the focus on simplicity and independence from the cloud.

Made in Germany

Volla works with regional suppliers and a production site in Germany. The company also works with German partners for the IT infrastructure. Design and development is done by an international, highly motivated team.

Our team

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Dr. Jörg Wurzer
Founder and managing director

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Mark Brands
Marketing & strategy

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Janos Kehl
Vertrieb Geschäftskunden

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Nina Wiedenhoff
Marketing & social media
+49 2191 59897 60

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Patricia Wurzer
Auftragsbearbeitung Direktkunden

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Christian Wittkamp
Order processing online shop

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Dr. Robin Haug
Vertrieb Dänemark

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Gregor Zawierucha
Customer service & quality assurance
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Florian Schwichtenberg
Customer service, order processing & disposition

"It's time for something new. An alternative to Big Tech-"

Dr Jörg Wurzer studied philosophy with a focus on epistemology and did his PhD on the impact of virtual realities on our thinking. He worked as a journalist and book author for about 15 years and wrote for the Financial Times Deutschland, Die Welt and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, among others. He was inspired by stays in Silicon Valley and the start-up scene there. Dr. Jörg Wurzer is a multiple founder, including the IQser group of companies. He was active for many years in the research of semantic technologies and artificial intelligence, which resulted in a number of international inventions, lectures and publications.


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Fritz Milosevic
Digital, Telecommunications & Web3

Fritz Milosevic is the CEO Designate at Africa’s premier Software and IT provider, the Techno Brain Group. As an executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of international experience, Fritz Milosevic has created value for multinational companies, start-ups and private equity investors in telecommunications, technology, management consulting and investment banking. Fritz used to work for the Vodacom Group as Managing Executive for Vodacom Ventures & Partnerships. He also worked as an Investment Banker at Nedbank Capital in South Africa and as a Management Consultant atDetecon in Germany. Fritz is a successful business and team developer with a track record in strategy, consulting, commerce, sales, business development, innovation, and ecosystem and partnership building.

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Simina Sirbu

Simina is a curious designer with vast experience in Graphic and UI/UX Design. With interests spanning from digital product design to illustration, experience and game design, she has a strong love for systems, data gathering, data visualization and design as art.

Our partners

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Gigaset has been manufacturing in its own country since 1941. Its cordless phones, smart home systems and smartphones are in demand all over the world, but they are manufactured in Bocholt on the Lower Rhine. Gigaset is the leading company that manufactures communications products in Germany. With the highest flexibility and quality, the manufacturer also produces the smartphone models for the Volla brand.

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UBports Foundation

The UBports Foundation is a non-profit foundation with legal capacity under civil law. Its mission is to support the collaborative development of Ubuntu Touch and promote its wide use. The Foundation provides financial, organizational and legal support to the broader community. Volla works closely with the Foundation to bring and improve Ubuntu Touch on Volla Phones.

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The company is the operator of the VPN service, which is installed on Volla OS for optional use. The company was founded in 2012 to provide every Internet user with security and freedom on the Internet. The motivation was the increasing level of surveillance and limitation. Thus was born, the secure VPN without any logging of your internet activities.

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Startpage was founded in the Netherlands and is considered a pioneer in the field of anonymous Internet search. The company had already developed the world's first anonymous search engine in 2006. The protection of users' personal data is a top priority. That's why Volla has integrated Startpage directly into Springboard, from which users can quickly access unbiased search results anonymously.

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The Dutch company offers a user-friendly alternative to big tech products like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail. Its goal is for everyone to enjoy secure, ad-free email communication without surveillance. Volla recommends StartMail's highly encrypted service, optimized for the Volla Phone with with Volla OS and Ubuntu Touch.

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Secure communication and collaboration - anywhere, anytime and with everyone.

The VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite offers the most advanced applications for communication and collaboration. It is characterized by innovative technologies, general user-friendliness and the highest protection and security measures, helping to preserve the digital autonomy of users. VNClagoon can be used modularly, from individual selected products to the entire suite. VNClagoon is of interest to large and medium-sized companies as well as public administrations and authorities.

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SUMA e. V.

The non-profit association from Hanover is committed to free access to knowledge and is the operator of the metasearch engine Metager. It protects against censorship by combining results from many search engines. Our algorithms are transparent and available for everyone to see. The source code is free and open source. The infrastructure is 100& powered by green electricity. Metager is also directly integrated in the springboard of Volla OS.

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GNU Solidaro

This humanitarian non-profit organization has a worldwide mission to advance and implement social medicine. The central GNU Health project provides individuals, health professionals, institutions and governments with the tools to proactively assess and improve determinants of health. Together with Volla, GNU Solidario is working on a smartphone for doctors and nurses and the ability to confidentially self-manage and share patient information on the Volla Phone.

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Future Camps

The flexible, supraregional network structure of entrepreneurs and freelancers has set itself the goal of actively shaping the future in a practical way. For this it wants to create new areas and connect in it humans, in order to understand together current future topics, to discuss alive. Hallo Welt Systeme is a member and contributes with its experiences and ideas for a different, self-determined digital future.

Real sustainability

Volla takes sustainability at its word. Volla Phone products are built to last.

  • Powerful 8-core processor and slim operating system allow for many years of updates without limitations.
  • Long-term system and security updates beyond the warranty period. The first Volla Phone has already received its third update.
  • Google-free operating system with no ties to a cloud reduces data traffic by about 80%. Energy intensive data centers are not used.
  • Powerful lithium polymer battery that usually never needs to be replaced. However, it can be replaced without tools for the Volla Phone 22.
  • Packaging without plastic, which can be reused as a container for other purposes. Since many already have a power supply, it is not included.
  • Production in Germany with high environmental standards and short transport routes from regional suppliers. Under manufacturer Gigaset received the ecovadis gold medal.

We go beyond durability and low energy and raw material consumption. Our supplier Gigaset has voluntarily committed all its suppliers to a Code of Conduct for social and environmental standards. By producing in Germany, we can implement healthy working conditions with fairer pay.

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