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Volla wishes a wonderful Advent season.

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Discover the new freedom

Freedom to choose who you share your data with Freedom to spend time doing the things that matters to you, outside of the digital world.

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Elegant Lightness

Volla Phone

€ 359,00

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Robust Powser Pack

Volla Phone X

€ 449,00

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Freedom through simplicity and security

Its time to make a change. We want to return to everyone the fundamental right for privacy. We want to give people back their time with a user experience of immediacy that lets you do what you want to do without detours.

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Experience the new simplicity

Volla OS: The Next Operating System

A minimalistic design and new operating concept with the springboard, quick menu and collections.

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Smart text box: Start a call, web search, note and mode.

Red dot: All the important everyday functions with a single gesture, expanded in a quick menu.

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Contacts: Favorits from your address book and people you have in touch with recent.

Conversations: Your most recently exchanged text and picture messages, grouped by conversations.

Messages: Recent messages, clearly grouped by your subscribed channels with reading view and posts.

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Design themes

Light: Ideal for daytime, black on white easy to read text

Dark: Pleasure for the eyes, white on black, perfect contrasts.

Transparent: Pure lightness with translucent backgound.

Google-free Android for your privacy

Enjoy the peace of mind with knowing, that Volla OS respects your privacy, build on a free open source, Google-free Android with no dependence on the cloud.

Volla OS Security

Consistent Privacy Protection

The Volla OS is based on a free Android without Google and play services and without dependence on a cloud. Re replaced the basic apps like for phone calls and address book with curated apps that are also open source and protected the system with optional VPN

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Google-free operating system.

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Anonymous without a user account.

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No dependence on a cloud.

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Secure, curated system apps.

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Verifiable, open source apps.

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Log-free VPN from hide.me.

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Encrypted device storage.

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Biometric lock.

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Detailed privacy settings.

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Alternative apps store with tracker warning.

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Navigation with offline maps.

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secure browser with extension options.

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Ubuntu Touch - Alternative mobile Linux

Puristic: Everything you realy need.

One world: Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch.

Practical: Sidebar for quick access to your important apps.

Clear: Compartments for open apps.

Self determined: Terminal for your full control and freedom.


Simple elegance with a high quality camera or rugged powerhouse: The Volla Phone and Volla Phone X

Volla Phone

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Perfect photos with 16 MP dual cam & 16 MP selfie cam
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elegant and minimalistic design
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Large display surface thank to v-notch

Volla Phone X

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Rugged. Splash and dust resistant
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Extremly strong battery
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Powerfull stereo speakers

Comparison Table

Easily compare the Volla Phone and the Volla Phone X to see which one matches your needs most.

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Out Strategy

The Volla Community

An a alternative to market-leading systems requires the cooperation of young and established companies, foundations and last but not least a community of developers and users. For a single organization, the task of developing and enforcing an alternative is too big to establish a relevant market share.

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We consider an alternative and independent open source operating system as a necessary prerequisite to ensure long-term freedom through simplicity and data protection. That is why we engage in software nd hardware development together with partners and the community.

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