Our mission

Privacy, easiness, transparency

It's time to make a change. When it comes to information technology, there is no product from the market leaders who consistently protect our privacy. We want to give people back their human right to freely decide who we share what data with, without others monitoring us, what we do, where we are at what time, who we talk about, and where we find out.

Today's devices, especially smartphones, are catching our attention and time with a myriad of notifications, apps and cloud services. We want to give people their time back to focus on what matters to them. Our brand Volla stands for a post app paradigm with a user experience of immediacy, with which I can do what I want without detours.

Our first product

Get the Volla Phone

Experience a new simplicity with our Volla Phone with instant action and information in a single gesture. Forget menus and apps, becauce your personal device anticipates what you want to do next. Be assured that our Volla Phone respects your privacy with an operating system based on a free open source alternative to Android and iOS.

Our Volla Phone will be characterized by simple elegance, clear design and powerful, sustainable technology, which also in the next few years effortlessly performs all tasks and supports system updates. Learn more about our device and our software when we first introduce it to the public in the fall of 2019.

Strong together

Great ideas need cooperation

An alternative to Android and iOS requires the collaboration of young and established companies, foundations and not least a community of developers and users. For an individual organization, the task of developing and enforcing an alternative is too big.

We consider a common open source operating system including hardware abstraction as a necessary requirement. That's why we're committed to working together in software and hardware development with partners and the community.